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Camping Checklist

The small things can make a world of difference when you are setting up a comfortable campsite for the night. 

Here are some great things to consider packing when you plan your getaway.


  1. Toiletries bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, aftershave, razer, hand soap, moisturizer, shaving cream and massage oil)
  2. Baby Wipes/face wipes
  3. Chapstick 
  4. Chewing gum/mints
  5. Hand sanitizer 
  6. A pair of socks/underwear/shirt per day with one pair of each spare. 
  7. 2x shorts and 2x long pants 
  8. 2x pairs of shoes 
  9. Hat
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Phone charging cords 
  12. Laptop with charger 
  13. Portable speaker 
  14. Lamp 
  15. Drink bottle 
  16. First aid kit 
  17. Sunscreen and aeroguard 
  18. Rain jacket
  19. Bag for dirty clothes 
  20. Small day backpack
  21. Larger luggage bag 
  22. Playing cards
  23. Favourite candle
  24. Linen set 
  25. Shower towel
  26. Beach towel 


  1. Esky 
  2. Small cooler bag
  3. Beer coolers
  4. Spirits and mixers 
  5. Beers 
  6. Energy drinks
  7. Berocca 
  8. Powerades 
  9. Cigarettes